Other Services


Additional Services

  • Wire Transfers
  • Stop Payments
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Night Drop
  • ATMs
  • Debit Cards

Miscellaneous Fees & Charges

The following fees and charges may be assessed to your account:

Check printing fees vary by the quantity and style of checks ordered
Insufficient Funds Charge $34.00
Stop Payment Fee $34.00
Cashier's Check $3.00 per item
Zipper Bag $5.00
Zipper Bag with lock $15.00 
Debit Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Account Activity Printout $2.00 per page 
Account Research/Statement Reconciliation per hour $10.00 
Wire Transfer Fee $25.00
International Wire Transfer Fee $35.00 
Overdraft Transfer Sweeps per transfer $5.00 
Copies per page $2.00
Fax Machine Use per page $2.00 
ATM Withdrawal Charge per off-premise transaction $1.00 
Collection Items plus external bank charges $3.00 
Check Cashing (Non-customer) Minimum $5.00 3% of check amount

Annual Safe Deposit Box Charge

3x5 $18.00
5x5 $21.00
3x10 $24.00 
5x10 $30.00 
10x10  $39.00
Lost Key and Drill Box charge will be obtained from outside vendor and quoted to customer.
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